Immuno Stem Cell Therapy works on Rheumatoid arthritis by administering a surplus of natural anti-antibodies from the patient back into their system. An anti-antibody is an antibody that binds to other antibodies! Weird. Usually antibodies bind to antigens (little amino acid sequences in a bigger molecule, for example). But they can bind to anything, really – including other antibodies. Sometimes this can cause problems. For example, patients with rheumatoid arthritis make something called rheumatoid factor, which is an antibody (happens to be IgM) that binds to the patient’s own IgG. This binding can cause the formation of immune complexes (just a bunch of antibodies bound together, floating around) which can lodge in the joint space and cause inflammation.

Immuno Stem Cell Therapy will send anti-antibodies to attach to the rheumatoid factor being created in the body and destroy them. This will stop the rheumatoid factor from creating immune complexes which cause the inflamation.

Most clients feel beneficial results a few weeks into treatment, but we er on the side of caution and would expect you to see a huge decrease in pain and inflammation at about the 2 month mark. The treatment will continue for 1 year and then will need to use one bottle every 6 months thereafter to keep your immune system working properly and not let the rheumatoid arthritis return.


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