Psoriasis occurs when the immune system reacts to skin cells. Basically your immune system starts sending out antibodies that attack the skin cells instead of bacteria. They believe this has its route causes in a genetic issue, but this is not confirmed. What is confirmed is that immuno stem cell therapy can treat the problem.

How do I take Immuno Stem Cell Therapy for Psoriasis?

You start by having 5ml of blood drawn and then injected into the immuno stem cell solution. You mix it gently then place it in the refrigerator for 24 hours. You then inject 1ml daily of the solution.

Does Immuno Stem Cell Therapy effect my current

Psoriasis medicine?

Immuno Stem cell therapy will not interfere or negatively effect your current psoriasis  medications or any other medications as it uses your own blood to create the solution. We generally find that patients can stop taking their psoriasis medications after 2 months of immuno stem cell therapy as the symptoms of the type psoriasis have stopped. 

The Current treatments available for Psoriasis only treat the symptoms. Salicylic acid can help, but if you have Psoriasis coving too much of your body you end up with adverse side effects from too much absorbtion of the medicine. Steroid creams help also, but they simply block the cells that are being attacked to slow the attack down and don’t always take all of the pain and itchiness away. When things get really bad with psoriasis they will issue immune system suppressing medications such as methotrexate. No one wants their immune system being effected because it makes it easier to get sick from something else. Psoriasis is also associated with an increased risk of psoriatic arthritis,lymphomas, cardiovascular disease, Crohn’s disease, and depression. Immuno Stem Cell therapy will also help treat the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis,lymphomas, cardiovascular disease and Crohn’s disease. The depression will go away as soon as the immuno stem cell therapy alleviates the skin problems and the patient can feel normal again.


How long must I maintain Immuno Stem Cell Therapy Treatment?

For immuno stem cell therapy to keep your psoriasis away we advise a treatment of 12 months. This is then followed up with 1 bottle of immuno stem cell therapy administered every 6 months thereafter. Your immune system needs the full 12 months to be trained to work properly again and the 6 month follow up bottles will keep that immune system memory which will keep your psoriasis away. A 12 month therapy consists of 6 bottles of immuno stem cell therapy solution. The continuing treatment of 1 bottle taken every 6 months can be compared to re-charging a battery to make sure everything keeps workinig properly.


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