Acne is the worst and it seems like everyone suffers from it at one point or another. For some people it becomes much more than just a phase of puberty and can cause some real issues. The toughest part of acne are the negative effects against self confidence. Fortunately there is now a way to fight back against acne and clear your skin whether you have simple acne or really aggressive forms of acne thanks to immuno stem cell therapy. 

Immuno Stem Cell Therapy creates natural anti-antibodies to safely and conveniently stop the chronic inflammation associated with acne – to help resolve both skin lesions and mental health issues associated with the disease.

Anti-Antibody Therapy


Immuno Stem Cell Therapy anti-antibody for the treatment of acne provides a highly targeted attack on the antibodies that are attacking the dermis and produces re-inforced antibodies that will destroy the bacterias causing the acne. The results showed continual improvement in lesions, with up to a 96 percent reduction after eight weeks, and statistically significant improvement in patient anxiety.

We are confident that Immuno Stem Cell Therapy will eliminate the symptoms of your acne within 2 months. This is based on countless patient results. If after the full year of treatment you are not satisfied with the results then we will refund your money. 

Immune System Problems 

Dermatologists tell us that the way to fight acne is to strengthen the immune system. The problem is that the immune system  is what causes the skin inflammation that manifests itself as acne. Acne bacteria only get things started. The immune system is the culprit. Instead of creating antibodies that attack the bacteria to stop the acne before it starts, the anti-bodies are confused and start attacking the skin which propels the situation.

Here is what happens:

  • The inflammation that makes pimples red and keeps nodules tender is not caused by acne bacteria. It is caused by the immune system.
  • Anything that activates the immune system can make acne worse, especially harsh chemicals that damage the skin. This is why the immune system must be re-trained to fight back correctly with Immuno Stem Cell Therapy.
  • Anything that reduces stress on the skin gives acne a chance to heal.
  • Your antibodies are not killing bacteria so to resolves acne anti-antibodies must be put to work with immuno stem cell therapy.
  • The worst thing you can do for acne is to squeeze or lance pimples.
  • The best thing you can do for acne is Immuno Stem Cell Therapy to let your body naturally fight back.

Acne Bacteria Belong On Your Skin

Acne bacteria are not evil creatures whose only purpose in life is to make zits on your skin. Acne bacteria in small numbers are actually essential for healthy skin. The Propionibacterium acnes bacteria that live in your pores transform insoluble oils in the skin into propanoic acid, which is easily rinsed away with water.

These bacteria consume excess skin oils as food which also release beneficial essential fatty acids that reduce inflammation in the skin. The same essential fatty acids that nourish the skin also kill bacteria. So the skin is normally home to only as many acne bacteria as are beneficial to the skin. The mixture of water excreted as sweat and propanoic acid carries both excess bacteria and excess oil to the surface of the skin.

Acne Starts When Acne Bacteria Multiply

Acne becomes a problem when acne bacteria get trapped in a pore. Usually this happens when dead skin cells clump together on top of acne bacteria and the oil they eat as food. The bacteria run out of food. They don’t start eating human skin. They then slow down because they are hungry. They release chemicals that sensitize skin cells to inflammatory compounds released by the immune system. These compounds can break up dead skin that is holding the bacteria in place, but they can also kill healthy skin cells.

Just how much inflammation is released by the immune system in the skin depends on several factors that are not related to bacteria. The more stressed the body is, the more stress hormones from the adrenal glands stimulate the release of histamine (the chemical that also causes allergic reactions) and leukotrienes in the skin. The more the skin is stressed, the more its own stress hormones also stimulate the release of histamine and leukotreines in itself.

Acne bacteria just redirect the immune system’s antibodies to the skin itself. They themselves cause very little inflammation. But when the bacteria are killed, the immune system stops destroying skin.

So as you can see if we stop these antibodies from attacking the skin then the acne will not be created. Immuno Stem Cell Therapy will create the anti-antibodies that will keep the antibodies from attacking the skin which keeps acne away.

How Light Acne Becomes Bad Acne


Popping pimples forces some of the acne bacteria down even deeper into the skin. These bacteria go into a layer of skin that ordinarily just waits in reserve to heal the skin when there is a cut or a scrape. These skin cells can also be made more sensitive to the immune system. The bacteria are pressed so far into the skin that they don’t have an escape route, so the skin just becomes more and more inflamed around a pimple.

Zapping zits with irritating chemicals can cause problems, too. Benzoyl peroxide usually causes only minor side effects, but stronger antiseptics like chlorhexidine can kill as many skin cells as bacterial cells. The skin has to repair itself. The irritation activates collagen-making cells in the “epidermal appendages” that provide a kind of natural bandage for the skin. This collagen forms scar tissue, either holding the skin down or pushing the skin up. The scar tissue will remain on the surface of the skin, constantly renewing itself like normal skin, until the “epidermal appendages” are activated again. This can make the scar even worse, or, in dermabrasion, finally replace the scar with smooth and healthy skin.

All of this happens because the immune system is over-stimulated.

What Can You Do to Calm Your Immune System?


There are a million suggestions online on how you can calm the immune system from reducing stress to all kinds of treatments. We have found that the key is the antibodies attacking the skin instead of the built up acne bacteria. So we need to get rid of the antibodies that are not working correctly. We do this by starting Immuno Stem Cell Therapy. We withdraw 5ml of blood. Then we inject that into the stem cell therapy and mix. We refridgerate it for 24 hours and then start injecting in the belly fat with an insulyn needle daily. Your blood is loaded with stem cells and the Immuno stem Cell Solution allows the blood injected into it produce a large amount of anti-antibodies. When this is injected into the patient those anti-antibodies get to work eliminating antibodies that are not functioning properly. With acne we see amazing results within 2 months beased on the hundreds of patients we have treated. The patient must continue treatment for 1 year because this re-trains the immune system to do this naturally. Then after the year the patient can take 6 months off of treatment. They will then need to run one bottle of immuno stem cell therapy every 6 months to keep their immune system trained and the acne away.

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